playing with different FPS freezes one player in multiplayer

Hello I`m writing because i´m testing my multiplayer game (i´m doing it with a laptop and desktop which is more powerful). The problem is that if the desktop (the client) plays with unlimited FPS or 120 FPS, and if the laptop (the server) plays with 30 FPS), it freezes.
Is this normal?
as far as I know, playing with different FPS each player shouldn´t be a problem for a multiplayer game since it´s a matter of GPU running on each computer, isn´t it?.

Has somebody experience the same testing a multiplayer game?

I would like to highlight that if both players play with same FPS there is no problem at all.

This behaviour is not normal - in fact it’s not uncommon for dedicated servers to be running the game at slower tick rates than clients.

The problem is unfortunately very likely to be in your own game code.

Hi ambershee thanks for your reply. So, One solution, it might be that when the client player (with more FPS) is going to join to the server player (with fewer FPS) , I could reduce the FPS of the client in the code, dont you think?.