Playing with CameraActor view

Hello, Im trying to use a CameraActor for first person view and later adding effects to it instead to the main scene.
Specially the FOV (I dont know of any other method of changing the FOV in play mode).
I have no problem for using it inside the viewport, but when I press the play button I cant move my character. I know this may be something I missed but I dont know what can it be.
This is what I do :

1 - Create the CameraActor inside the level, right click, Snap View to Actor.
2 - Lock Viewport to Actor.
3 - Open level blueprint and create this nodes (pic related) and compile them.

4 - Press play, WASD/mouse view dont work.

I tried changing Auto Player Activation in the CameraActor details from Disabled to Player 0 but didn’t work. I’m using the FPS template.

Thanks in advance.


If you want to get something like zoom effect (changing the FOV in play mode), see this tutorial

Hi svv3dUDN
I just want to use my own Camera instead of the one by default. But when I press the play button I dont know why but I cant move myself through the level.