Playing video in widget doesn't go well

I am trying to play a video in my menu widget and i did everything i had to do ! now the video plays but its buffering/stucking and i don’t know why tat is happening . Is this because of high quality video or am i missing something?

I created a material from media texture and then applied in Image brush in widget !

So how to make my video play smoothly ?

it could be the performance of your computer, but first thing you should try is packaging your project and seeing if it runs properly there.

there are a few settings that dont work right in play in editor but work fine on packaged projects.

also does it have to be in a widget? you can set it up as a material instead that might work better

and if it doesnt, id recommend using pixel streaming to run it from a website instead of locally.

Okay thanks for the reply, After the creating a material out of media player ,How to play the video?