Playing two montages simultaneously?

I have an actor that needs to be able to play two montages simultaneously; a looping talking montage and a montage in which it pulls out a display screen, keeps it out and then puts it back in.

I have managed to set up the Animation Blueprint to blend the display animation correctly. It looks like this:

The problem is that whenever I try to play the Display montage from the actor’s blueprint it automatically stops the Talking montage, making the Display animation happen together with the idle animation instead.

Is there a way to set it up so that playing a new montage won’t stop the previous one or should I set it up differently?

More then one slots can’t be active at the same time.

Good to know. Thanks for the answer!

Managed to pretty much solve it by adding the display animation to the State machine and adding that as the Blend Pose and the Default Slot as the Base Pose.

Yes, state machines allow to workaround that, although it’s a bit bulky.

You can’t have the ***same ***Slot multiple times in your AnimGraph. You can however play multiple Anim Montages with different Slots.

I can’t. When I start playing animation in a second slot, animation in another slot stops.

Ed. As I just figured out from the documentation, multiple slots can’t be active simultaneously if they’re from the same slot group. So I just need to create another slot group. It makes sense. Thank you.


Wow, I was almost entirely sure I’d tried putting them in different groups. Must’ve made some other mistake when I tried that that stopped it from working. Guess that’s what I get for working too late! Thanks a lot for the help, guys. Made my workflow a loot easier.

This advice is wrong and doesn’t work, confirmed. Created 2 montages and put them into 2 different Slots which are in 2 different Groups. In the AnimBP both slots are hooked in before going to the Output Pose. They don’t both play simultaneously.

Confirmed? lol. You are wrong, it works fine. There are 2 steps: playing the montages and blending the montages. If you stick an AnimNotify on each montage I bet you they both fire which means both montages are playing, you just haven’t blended them correctly. 2 fullbody montages don’t just merge together, if that’s what you want you need to put them into a blend node

My two cents from this post:

  1. “Multiple slots can’t be active simultaneously if they’re from the same slot group”
  2. “More than one slots can’t be active at the same time”

Which one of those is true?

If 2 is true, then 1 is superfluous.
Else if 1 is true, then 2 is not.
Else uncharted_territory?

From my own tests, using ShowDebug ANIMATION I found that multiple slots of different slot groups were active (they were shown in green so I suppose this means “active”).
Therefore it seems to me more likely (and more logical) that 1 is true.

I’m sure two montages can’t play at same time,even if they are two groups,you can try get montage is playing ,only one can be true.

I have 2 montages playing at the same time. Each montage is in a separate group. It works fine, but the placement of the slot in the flow matters also. (The arms in the second line of dialogue of this video)