Playing separate animation for a prop

I have a character who has an animation of holding camera. I also have a separate animation for the camera (skeletal) that fully follows character’s root movement. Which means: if this camera animation is played alone, the camera is in the mid-air at character’s hand location moving and rotating and opening its flash etc. The problem is how can I attach this animation to my character so they both animations can be played at the same time?

I have watched some of the tutorial videos about how to add a weapon to a character, but in my case, I don’t need to press any key to use the camera since this animation is automatically played in the beginning of the scene, and it doesn’t need “line trace by channel” since the animation i guess? What should I actually do to solve this? I am confused. Please help.

This is usually called A-B sync where the animations of B match up with the origin of A and if you drag and drop the animation clips into world space they will playback and match up to each other.

After that it depends on the context of what it is you want to do.