Playing music on iOS?

How do I natively play an mp3 music file in UE4 on the iOS platform?
In UE3 it was simply a matter of executing the “mobile playsong” console command to get an mp3 streaming form local storage. What about now?

You can’t natively play mp3 since mp3 is licensed. But you can load .wav file into UE4 (and it will generate .ogg file that doesnt take much space). Quality is great and it does work on IOS. There are multiple ways of playing a song on iOS. Simple use is to drag and drop song inside vieport.

but the sound will be streamed from the disc or it will be at memory?

It doesn’t matter if it’s licensed. You use iOS API calls to play it. Specifically AVAudioPlayer from the AV Foundation framework. It uses a hardware decoder to stream mp3s directly from storage. That’s how it worked in UE3.

Since UE4 doesn’t natively support mp3 you have to do it that way