Playing multiple montages at the same time

Hi ! I’m making a small project with animated characters controlled by midi inputs.

I managed to set everything up but I encounter a problem. When I play 2 montages at the same time, one completely overrides the other, and when I play them one after the other, the last one overrides the first and blends it back in idle position before it’s finished…

Here’s a few screenshots
This is my anim graph, the statemachine just plays the idle animation on loop.

And this is my Actor BP, I use the event here to run wich montage to play depending on key press.

Ideally I’d like every montage to play uninterrupted, except when the event fires them again, then they should quickly reset and play once more.

I’m not sure this is the way i’m supposed to do it (I tried using the event graph in the animation blueprint but I couldn’t get the events from my midi interface in there to works :/)
Any help would be appreciated, I’m new to the engine and still trying to figure things out.

Yes, you can play multiple montages at once.

Is the layered blend by bone actually filtering each montage to its own set of bones?

e.g. left arm, right arm, legs

I think I did the layered blend properly, here it is :

I’ll try to make a video of what’s happening, it’s kinda hard to explain how it looks exactly
(I added more montages since the last screenshot)

I found what was wrong, my montages were all the same group. Digging on the forum I saw they needed to be in different groups, I did it and now it works fine :smiley:

Groups or slots?
I always thought it was just different slots.

Either way, glad its fixed.
Thanks for sharing.