Playing montage with aimoffset while standing and crouching


I’m trying to create aimoffset when character is standing and crouching and play montages on upper body.

This is my animation blueprint setup.

  1. Save basic locomotion into a cache
  2. Blend per bone to play upper body montage on top half of the body and ignore bottom half of body
  3. if weapon is equipped then use the aimoffset. if player is standing use standing aimoffset and if crouching use crouch aimoffset. Also making sure that aimoffset happens only on upper half of the body.

So I followed the standard process for making aimoffset which is to assign the base pose
all aimoffset poses are standing like this


But difference is for all aimoffset poses/animations for standing has Anim_Idle_Standing (idle while standing not holding weapon) as base pose and all aimoffset poses/animations for crouching has Anim_Idle_Crouching (idle while crouching not holding weapon) as base pose.

Although the aimoffset poses/animations for both standing and crouching uses same animations (standing while aiming in directions) since i make aimoffset happen only on upperhalf of the body they work perfectly.

The reason i divided standing and crouching aimoffset is because they need different base poses, otherwise the additive operation will mess up while crouching if i have use standing aimoffset.

I have two animations (for now) that I wanted to play as upper body montages, equip weapon and shooting

Both animations are while standing.

I duplicated the animations and made additive setting for standing to have standing as base pose and crouching animation to have crouching as base poses.

When I play the equip and shoot animations with standing idle as base pose while standing through montage they work perfectly


But when I play the equip and shoot animations with crouching idle as base pose while crouching through montage they behave weirdly.


Do I need to have equip and shoot while crouching also to use with animoffset? I thought giving corrective additive animations and cropping off the bottom body by using blend per bone should work.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: