Playing montage in slot1 cancels montage in slot2? How to blend multiple montages?

Hi all,

I have a setup where I have a character playing a melee attack and I want to have him be able to get hit during the attack without canceling the attack. (Imagine two people punching each-other at the same time). How to I set this up so my “pain” montage doesn’t cancel out my “attack” montage? Ideally I would like to blend a pain animation animation on top of the attack animation.

I have tried to blend them using separate “slots” but I think I am doing something wrong because whichever montage plays most recently will stop any currently playing montage.

Thanks for the help,


As you said, you want to blend the animations together. It doesn’t work if you simply put the Slots after another in the AnimGraph. You need to blend them using one fo the Blend nodes.