Playing Jump Animation Montages stop the Character Jumping

So I’m not sure whether to post this in the C++ channel or animation channel but, when I try and play a jump montage the character no longer jumps:
void Jump and void Stop Jumping'.PNG
This is the void class things and when I program these the character no longer jumps, but when I take them out, the character jumps again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s because you are overriding the function without calling the base implementation of it. In this case (I’m assuming ANinja is an ACharacter class), Super will call ACharacter::Jump(). Make sure to call Super in both functions!

void ANinja::Jump()

     // Additional jumping logic here
     // In your case, playing the anim montage

Thankyou I will try this now

Edit: Also for void stop jumping I put Super::StopJumping will this work?

Edit 2: So it worked the character jumps but the animation isn’t playing?