Playing game music through the built-in player - legal?


I developed a game in which I used music tracks purchased from the Unreal Marketplace. Casual sites there is such a thing as a “collector’s edition” of the game - this is game with additional materials added right into the game and which you can download in the form of individual files from it via the additional menu items - this Wallpapers and music tracks from the game (so the user can then play them in any player).

As far as I understand, we do not have the right to give the player the opportunity to download music from our game as separate files - this violates the terms of the license. But we came up with another option.

We want to make a separate menu item right in the game - “Music”. When you click on it INSIDE the game, you can select any track from the list and play it through the built-in player. Those players will be able to listen to any music from it inside the game at any time, without being able to get the track as a separate file.

Does such a player built into the game meet the terms of the license?