Playing dodge animation on button press

Hello everyone,
I was thinking of making a dodge system where the player could dodge an attack. Now I have 4 animations with me, dodging in all four directions, but how would I make it work. I have made animations using blend spaces, but I guess its not a blend space solvable problem. And on playing the animation I would also like the character to move in the said direction. I think I will use shift plus the wasd keys for the dodge movement.

I have a already existing character animation BP, so I would like to integrate it into the already existing BP. I am really not understanding how to do it.

Hi there,

I just published a video on this on my YouTube Channel, based on the description you gave what I show in the video should be exactly what you are looking for. All you’d have to do is using your anims instead of the one I use.


Hope this helps!!! Good luck with this…

I just saw how old the thread is ahahahah still in case you didn’t find anything on it