Playing Cinematic on Game Start, not Level Load

How can I (or can I) load cinematic when the game launches? I don’t want to start the cinematic when a player hit menu during play and go the main menu level. It must be played only during the first opening. Any ideas?

Maybe you should play the cinematic on Event Init inside your GameMode. GameMode is only initialized once (unless you change the game mode), so I think that that would solve your problem.

Yes that’s exactly what I need I think. How can I do that?

edit* by the way my game is completely on blueprints.

edit2: Ok En Liten Räv from Unreal Engine 4 Developers Community Facebook page suggested an idea and it worked. Anyone out there who wants to do something like this just create a blank level, put your cinematic in there, put a delay of the duration of the cinematic, then put an open_level node.

edit3: Another reply was importing an mp4 movie file via Movies section of the Project Settings.

Does it work with the new Sequencer component?