Playing audio dynamic audio questions.

Hi @ll,
Which way is standard usage?

Singleshots vs long track filled with Singleshots?
When i have one track, filled with singleshots and set the active playtime every time(segment start =playtime), i play that file? How long should the silence between singleshots be, for easy usage?
Using short singleshots and drive them directly?

I personal like the second option much more, but i do not know which way is right to suggest nothing wrong to MO

How to you guys use direct dynamic procedural Music?

I was thinking about dev Beats, sorted out in Mainline groups - 120 BPM - 90BPM - etc… (here i made one test with robots in groups talking procedural)](The voices of Google Translator? - YouTube)
Then i insert Soundsnippets* (explain later) into subgroups /pain/fun/hast/relax/death/closetodeath/ etc…
Then i can very easy create full procedural audio with UE4.I made it here as concept test, but the tracks are not looping well, because of missing* and diff bpm/unclean connectors.

  • Soundsnippets have a short 2 sec in and outro, every snippet could connect seamless to any other subgroup inside his group.
    For connecting into other groups to get other subgroupsounds i would only need some connectors between 120 - 90, to move to that group seamless.

Theoretical i could play a one minute track, but what happens when a event triggers another group, while playing?
I thought layering a short 2 sec silent track, synced over the mainsoundfile (BPM) and when i trigger an event i blend between both (end the long one).
I do not use FMOD so far and i know that things with that are more easy, but i am confused about license and i would have to learn fresh software, to understand it and use potential on a base i could now do in UE4…

Are i am wrong doing things?
Sincerely Bauch

Hey Luftbauch, look here and perhaps another one, who is searching for a very easy solution.
Luftbauch made today a thing with the audiofiles from MO sitting in front of a mirror, glued on a broken 27 TFT Display and talking to my self.

Nice talk.
Sincerely Bauch