Playing Animmontage section also triggers animnotifies from next section

Hello, i have 3 jump animations and each of them in the anim sequence has a play sound animnotify at time 0. To play those jumps i created an anim montage with 3 sections, one for each jump. If i play jump 1 from the anim montage, the blend out time (0.25) makes it so that it will still trigger the play sound anim notify on jump 2 even if the section cut doesn’t include any part of it. Even if the anim notify time is bigger than 0 it will still happen. If i set blend out time to 0 it solves it, but i need the blending. Shouldnt’ the blend out time end at the end of the section and not execute anything from the next section?

Hey xlar8or,

Have you tried increasing your Trigger Weight Threshold on the Notify?

Hi xlar8or,

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