? Playing animation / sound / rotation on item activation.

So I started messing around with the construction scripting and events graphs but really have no clue what im doing. I want to set up an item such that it rotates along a single axis when the item is “Activated” in game, meaning it has fuel and is turned on. I tried doing the basic setup that was discussed here < Rotation Component doesn't work after structure is placed - ARK: Survival Evolved - Epic Developer Community Forums > and I tried adding a while loop to the whole mess with the condition isActive… that crashed everything haha… is there an easy way to perform “action” on item activation?

Try not to use while loops if you can (I recommend a for loop, or if you have an array foreach), as they only break when their condition is no longer true. Which one slip in there and it’s all over. Try a for loop, or tie into a on tick event and use some delays

The trouble is getting the thing to rotate or even move at all… I follow the sliding door tutorials to see if i could even get the thing to move then adapt that to rotation, but I cant even get it to move. I will worry about loops once I get the rotation actually working.

This is my attempt to simply get the thing to move so that I can get to the next step. However, the overlap doesn’t seem to be firing when I step into the box on the test map.

use set relative location for starters which works from the 0,0,0 of the object and check that the trigger has generate overlap events ticked and that its collision only triggers for pawns

I actually solved this issue last night, me and Spezz sat down knowing the issue was that the beginoverlap was not firing… it turns out that creating the begin overlap via right clicking the trigger box produced an event that never fired. it took us a good deal of time before simply selecting the trigger box component in the “my blueprint” tab, then right clicking in the event graph view port, add event for “triggerbox” , collision, begincomponentoverlap.

I hope you took event begin play out as well ive found it doesn’t always fire off 100% of the time on dedicated servers