Playing animation sequence in an array


Need some help !!! Absolutely new to Unreal Engine, and have no clue how to get my head round the animation playing blueprints!

so in my project I have a button on a Widget Blueprint which fires a “Play Animation” (bottom right corner).
I am trying to get my character to play a few animation sequence. So I made an array of Animation Sequence references, put it in a loop and hoping it to play one by one.

and for some reason, the character only does one of the animations in the array (I had three in my array) and got stuck in the last frame of that animation sequence. It never goes back to the default state I have set in the AnimBP

question is:

  1. What usually happens when a “play animation” completes?
  2. Is it impossible to play animation sequentially without using an Animation Montage?

and that’s what I’ve got. any advice is appreciated.

Hello nicnic_cola,
Do you still have that problem?
All the best,