Playing Animation On Button Release

I’ve been working on a system where the character draws a sword while a button is pressed, then holster the sword when the button is released.

I have set up a animation montage with two sections, one for the draw animation and one for the sheathe animation. I can’t figure out how to set this up in the event graph in the animation blueprint. The best I could do is have the character draw or sheathe, but not both. Hopefully the picture of my event graph will help!

Thank you!

Instead of a Montage, have you considered using a simple animation state machine? You could have 4 states:

  1. Holstered pose

  2. Draw transition

  3. Drawn pose

  4. Holster transition

You could drive the entire state machine with a single bool, called DrawSword. When True, the SM would enter state #2. State #3 is reached when the Draw anim has completed. When DrawSword is False, the SM would enter state #4. And State #1 is reached when the Holster anim has completed.

Hi sranck,

Thank you for the input. With some finesse I got it to work!

I posted a picture of my solution for anyone with the same problem.

Looks great - glad it worked!