Playing animation frames with blueprint?

I imported some character and have all animation in one track, it is possible using Blueprints to select frames range to play from the total track ?
Or it is some tool that could create animations from the track after the model has been imported ?

You can use AnimMontage, which is used to split and merge animation segments to a new animation. You can jump around between sections inside it.

I would, however, not recommend this approach because AnimMontage has severe limitations. It is advisable to open up the FBX file in a 3D Package. All you have to do then is to select all the joints, then delete keyframes that does not belong to one sequence. Then save that scene as a new animation/fbx. Repeat this process for all animation sequences. It should not take you more than half an hour if there are a lot of animations to export.

Start by re-saving one sequence and get that to work, then do it for the rest.

I’m asking that as extract anims from some FBX containing one track in BLender using begin-end frames is bugged.
So i’ll test your solution as until FBX get better support it seems the best solution.