Playing and switching music in a HUD

OK, I’ve battered my way through forums trying to figure this one out, but I just can’t.

I have a game. It has two effective areas where things happen:

  1. The main map, in this case example_map
  2. The HUD, where most of the game takes place.

Since all controls for the game take place within the HUD, including scoring, changes to static mesh actors, etc. 90% plus of the game is in the HUD…

What I want to do is play a simple sound when the first START button is pressed, which I can do and works fine, but that happens when it loads example_map as part of the level blueprint. However, I’d rather not mix and match.

What I then need is to have a continual music loop playing until an error is made in the game. However, if I use Play Sound 2D then the sound never ever stops, and I cannot call upon any ambient sound actors to activate or deactivate.

If I try to communicate between the level blueprint and the HUD at all I get nothing, no indication that the other exists, either way around. The level blueprint will play and activate whatever I want but is incapable of ever being told that a state exists in the HUD that anything should change. I’ve spent over a week trying to get boolean calls, and even tried to cheat them with float

The answer, in the end, was to remove all ambient sound actors and just play everything individually and stop them individually as you go along.