Playing an animation at the start of Game

Hey guys :smiley: I imported an animation for my character, created a montage out of it and made this system in Thirdpersoncharacter blueprint to make the game (FPS) let character play the animation at the beginning while input is disabled. Game works fine with delayed input disability but no animation plays. What should I do to make it work?

Maybe make an Anim BP so that the right Animation state is firing during that time?

Or if you’re using this Play Anim Montage node, set it up to fire off of a keypress just to test that it works at all. Then, IDK, maybe just make sure this node doesn’t just fire once and then leave your character not moving. Like move all of this logic onto a keypress to see if that works… stuff like that. :slight_smile:

If you are using an anim bp you have to get the anim instance node from the mesh and drag the play montage from it, also in your anim bp you should have a slot node.

Also you can just use the play animation node from the mesh, and when the animation finishes change the mesh anim mode to anim bp again

The solution was to put a default slot inbetween State Machine and Output Pose inside Character Animation BP, to basically gettin the animation montage to play.