Playing a specific slot animation within the same slot group

I have a question about slot animation. Animation is made into a montage, and only upper body animation is used while moving. When it is stopped, it will be operated as full animation.
I created a slot node in the anim graph and I set the slot specified in the montage to be connected in the desired situation.

My question is, if you have multiple animations in a single slot, how do you specify the animation you want? Do you specify the montage play node in the event graph? I wonder what others have done. I would be very grateful if you could help.

If you are inside of a Animation Blueprint -

You can use the ‘Montage Play’ node, immediately following with a ‘Montage Jump To Section’ node where you would then enter the section you want to play inside of a Montage\Slot.

If inside of an actor Blueprint, for example, a character graph -

You can use the ‘Play Anim Montage’ node, which contains an input for a section name.