Playing a music track seamlessly between levels?

I was wondering if there’s a way to play a music track that keeps playing even when I change levels. When I switch from level 1 to level 2 the music should continue where it left off in level 1 and not restart completely.

Any way I can do that with blueprints?

I searched for relevant documentation but I can’t seem to find anything. :frowning:

I’m actually very interested in this as well…this sounds like it could be fun and very useful. Perhaps cinematics would benefit from this as well? Perhaps loading a matinee cinematic from one level, seamlessly into the next level? hm…

I think what you want here is streaming. I don’t know the specifics of setup, but I think if you have a single level that loads and unloads sub-levels you can have the music playing from the main level while the streaming happens. Again, no idea how to set that up or if it will work like you want it, but something to look into I guess. :slight_smile: