Playing a Matinee Multiple Times Using Blueprint

I have an object in my world that, when hit, plays a scene I created in Matinee. The only issue, however, is that this only works once.

The structure I have set up is, “OnActorHit -> Cast to MyProjectile -> Play (Target is MatineeActor)”
So when the staticmesh is hit by myProjectile, it plays the matinee and works perfectly. But once the Matinee is over, and I hit the staticmesh actor once more, the matinee refuses to play, but the flow on the blueprint editor shows that all conditions are being met so its going to the play Matinee node, but no matinee is being played. Is there a workaround for this?

Either flip/flop between Play and Reverse, or, first do a SetPos for matinee and then play it, depending on how your matinee is designed.

In the Matinee Actor’s Details, add a check to Rewind on Play. That’ll force it back to the start point each time you hit play.

Im gonna try that now, thanks in advance