Playing a matinee inside a spawned Character


I have a FPSCharacter Blueprint in which I have a Camera set up and as children of this camera I have a Child Actor Component holding inside 4 Static Meshes Components that make together a pistol (grip, barrell, trigger, clip). The FPSCharacter is spawned by a PlayerStart object, so he’s not physically on the scene.

The problem is, I want my gun to make a shooting animation; in that case I created a matinee, put the 4 gun objects on the scene and animated them with the matinee, because sadly it can only be done on actors which are existing on a scene. So my question is how do I apply that matinee into my FPSCharacter blueprint and into the gun static meshes and then how can I play them once my FPSCharacter is spawned during gameplay on a custom event?