,Playing A Backwards Walking Animation

Hi I currently have a 1D BlendSpace that has a Speed variable ranging from 0-300. The BlendSpace has an idle and a walk animation.

BlendSpace: Screenshot - d30e9e1ac40e37364332ceca2c1682c2 - Gyazo
AnimGraph: Screenshot - 6555c755937878cc4096a3d15e509836 - Gyazo
EventGraph: Screenshot - 4ec248255709e6b3dd8f2f1a8c3e0736 - Gyazo
Locomotion: Screenshot - 5ca64394cdbeb8da240c73940b6d7fc4 - Gyazo

Characters EventGraph: Screenshot - 1426ddf1150e03486fd014006c897616 - Gyazo

My question is how can I add a walk backwards animation so my character no longer appears to be moon walking?

Yes, import your walk animation with a new name (e.g. bwd_walk) and set the animation sequence to play with a rate of -1. Then use it for any negative speed.

I have a backwards walking animation the only problem is my speed float is always positive everytime I print it to the screen. Is there an easy way to have it be negative if the player is moving backwards?


copy and paste this, make your blend space from - max speed to max speed, get velocity and multiply by direction, I got this from the shooter demo if this is not clear enough download it and find the anim blueprint of the character pawn.