PlayFab OnlineSubsystem

Well, quite simply, I’ve been working with PlayFab for a while and I have implemented the PlayFab Ue4 C++ SDK within Unreal’s Online Subsystem. This allows calls to the Create Session, Find Session, Join Session, etc. Many of the Online Subsystem interfaces have been implemented and most things are completed. namely, the Session interface just got re-written so much of that is better, though I haven’t had the time to test everything. So, mainly just want to throw this out there and see anybody cares to try it, or even just read it over and tell me things I did wrong. If you find any errors, cool, just drop an issue on the git so I can take a look.

It also has some XMPP work I was starting on, though not complete.

No matter what, hope you all find something beneficial from this! If nothing else, it’s another example of an OnlineSubsystem.