PlayFab crash when there is no internet connection

I’m using PlayFab for some online presence, and it was working fine, until I’ve tried shipping build. And then the game crashed with “fatal error” message.
Here is the blueprint that I am using.

After couple of hours of debugging I’ve found out that it crashes at “LoginWithCustomID” node, and the message in the logs

LogOutputDevice: Error: Invalid object referenced by the PersistentFrame: 0x000001bf6399e102 (Blueprint object: Blueprint /Game/NekoGhostJump/Core/Framework/BP_PlayFab.BP_PlayFab, ReferencingProperty: ObjectProperty /Script/PlayFab.PlayFabBaseModel:responseData, Instance: BP_PlayFab_C /Engine/Transient.GameEngine_0:BP_GameInstance_C_0.BP_PlayFab_C_0, Address: 0x000001bf5a6dc2e0) - If you have a reliable repro for this, please contact the development team with it.

And the stack trace

It looks similar to [UE-51952][3] which is not resolved and no one knows why it’s happening.
Asked same question on PlayFab community and will update if anything comes up.

You can add default constructor for FPlayFabBaseModel with responseData = nullptr

	responseData = nullptr;