Hi Epic,

are you guys aware of the mentioned custom Shadow Performance tweaks for the game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, currently in closed beta?

The developer mentions custom performance improvements, begin listening at around the 14 mins mark Twitch

Can we expect to get these performance enhancements too, or should i contact the developer directly?

I am looking forward to have PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS in the launcher, since they plan modding - a core principle. The game might be the next big Twitch hit during summer-spring season this year.



Hey Unit23,

We currently support shadow map caching in UE4. This was added in July of last year when we released 4.13. You can read about it here in our documentation: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Rendering/LightingAndShadows/LightMobility/DynamicLights/#shadowmapcaching

Often with developers on bigger projects don’t work in the latest released version of the engine. They’ll usually be a few versions, if not more, behind what is publicly available. This introduces a few problem in those cases that they need to solve; not having a feature that’s already implemented in a later version, or having to implement their own feature that will not be part of UE4, which means they have to maintain a custom build of the engine indefinitely and be picky about what they chose to implement from future versions of UE4.

So, it’s likely they either implemented their own version of shadow map caching or they potentially integrated 4.13’s shadow caching into their project manually which could take a good bit of time to make sure it’s integrated and working properly. If the Developer is willing to answer questions for you he could probably clear up anything you are curious about around their implementation. My take is just speculation from what I’ve seen other game teams do in the past. :slight_smile: