PlayerState, why is it called playerstate

Hey there,

I’m currently building a networking game and I came up with some weird naming.
Why is the playerstate of unreal called “PlayerState”, I mean why not playerinfo or playerstatistics because it holds the score etc of the player.
A playerstate to me is more like this:
The player is now in the “Idle state” or the player is now in the “Moving state”, it’s also handy for building up a statemachine for the player.
And yes I could rename it inside the .ini file but that will only confuse me more …
Then I call the “PlayerState variable” and cast it to a playerinfo or playerstatistic.
And when I’m using a state machine I also get the “Playerstate variable” but this time I cast it to IdlePlayerState or MovePlayerstate …

Isn’t there another solution so I can make this less confusing?

Kind Regards

They call PlayerState because that represent the PlayerController which is not replicate for every client, like GameState and GameMode. Also Player is prefer to who can control the Character or Pawn in game, so depend on what you control, u can change the name to like CharacterState or with state machine u can call BotState, there’s a lot of way in naming.