Players falling through world when saved game loaded. Issue not happening on my own computer

You can see the issue in this video:

When I save the game, I make an array of strings of all of the levels that are currently loaded. When I load the saved game, I iterate through that array and call GetALocalPlayerController().ClientUpdateLevelStreamingStatus(LevelName, true, true, true)

For good measure, I also set GetALocalPlayerController().SetPause(true); In that function.

Then I set a timer to check if WorldInfo.StreamingLevels[i].bHasLoadRequestPending. If all of the levels have been loaded, then I load the pawns’ saved locations, and finally I set GetALocalPlayerController().SetPause(false); I would have thought that with all of that in place, the pawns wouldn’t fall through the landscape. But they do. And I can’t reproduce the bug on my own computer.

Any idea what else I can do to prevent the pawns from falling through? Maybe I should put one more timer to make the game wait a moment longer before unpausing. Maybe I should put a blocking volume in the persistent level under every save point. I don’t know. I guess I’ll try those, but if anyone knows of a better solution, I’ll gladly try it.

(Issue has nothing to do with UE 4-26, but I can’t post my question without tagging it.)

Ideal maybe easier then adding blocking volumes; when you get the pawns saved point before spawning do a Trace from spawn point to ground if no ground delay 0.1 check again till ground is active.

Well the most obvious thing you should try to do is reproduce it, so that you can properly debug the underlying issue instead of hacking a patch around.

Like, is there any configuration that’s different on your tester’s machine? Are you using the same builds (dev / shipping package) and same save file? Maybe a very different frame rate? Try out some extremes, like a max FPS or 10 or 240.

I know these are not directly helpful, my point is, finding the root cause is probably more valuable on the long term than having a quick but hacky solution :smiley:

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Maybe if you touch the z of the location of the actor? but more up?