Players Can't Place My Structure

Here is my mod:

While most players are fine, for some reason a number of servers have trouble placing the structure. The green outline appears, but once they click to place, nothing happens. The item isn’t consumed and the structure isn’t placed. This happens the most with servers while single player works fine. I don’t know if the issue is something on my part, other mods conflicting with it, or their server configuration is wrong. I even made it placable without foundations. Really stumped on this one since I can’t even replicate the issue on my end.

I have the same problem with my mod.

Are you guys stacking mods or just your own mod? Try to isolate the problem to your mod first.

There is a tutorial I wrote in the sticky post… that tells you how to make sure structures actually place the green glowy outline is rendered… it involves adding your engram(s) to the structure placer list in PrimalGameData.

Does it seem to happen after you update? If you launch a mod, people download it and use it, then you change something in the engrams/folder structure etc and some people can use it while other cannot it seems like a bug that I have seen. After spending hours trying to figure out why it happened to my mod, I changed the description and reuploaded and that fixed the problem. Its like the game is randomly choosing to not update properly at times when downloading mod updates. I’ve not seen it happen with one mod or solo so it might be a mod load order issue.

Hanway Lin,
Here are some of the solutions:

  1. Is the user spawning in the item via BP cheat command, this seems to not work correctly with structures making it not placeable.
  2. Is there another MOD running above your MOD that has not been updated and uses the placement array (assuming that MOD is running the latest devkit build and or requires a GUID update, which forces all users to completely redownload the MOD)
  3. Did you add the structure to the “placeable structures array” ? i assume so if others can place the item. In that case i recommend you inform user to remove MODids from their .ini until they figure out what MOD is causing the conflict.
  1. Still not placeable even when crafted.
  2. They say it’s the only mod they have.
  3. I added it to “Additional Structures to Place”. I’m not aware there is a “Placeable Structures Array”.

As for what others say, don’t always take their word for face value… If it works for “most players” and does not for some… the issue in most cases that i have experienced with my MODs is user error and inexperience. (side note: i meant Additional Structures to Place, could not remember the array name off the top of my head)

For an item to be placeable Check these settings:

  • Engram Points To Structure BP (Not Needed, But A Simple Check List Item)
  • Structure BP Points To Main BP
  • Main BP Properly Consumes The Structure BP (This Is The Step Most People **FORGET **and It’ll Cause The Error You Have)
  • Main BP Is Listed In The Additional Structures To Place In Primal Game Data BP

If all of those are not set correctly, it will show green - make the place noise, but do nothing.

All of those are correct. And again it only happens with certain players, not all of them.

One thing essential for servers is to fully delete the mod and it’s folder. … before you copy the latest mod there.

I manually do this… and don’t know if the Ark Manager does this. But if it’s overwriting rather than deleting first… I’ve definitely seen people having problems.

I have this issue on I believe two of my mods but the issue for me at least is due to when they use the cheat giveitem "Blueprint ect… However, when they craft it works. So I do know one issue is definitely the cheat command but from what I was told the only other option is to put items in the master list and spawning using the item ID but then you run the risk of your mod not stacking with other mods. I have not tested whether adding to the master list but not telling players the item ID would fix the cheat giveitem command. In other words, I don’t use the master list and when they use the cheat giveitem blueprint they have issues, and not only with structures but even weapons and ammo that might be in the mod. It only seems to work if they spawn, then save game, leave game, and then return, which then the items work. But I wonder if I still use the master list and then they use the cheat giveitem blueprint would that fix the issue. Of course, this is the issue I have but perhaps you can test as well and see if it fixes your problem.

It happens to only certain players on the same server?

Certain players who play offline or certain servers.

If it is that - it’s probably a confliction with other mods. Almost certain of that. I get it a lot from new people using my mod and then finding out they are using non-clean mods, a good quantity modify core items and such but don’t update regularly to keep their mods up to date with dev releases, and sadly they a few have slapped the “clean mod” icon on their mod too. tsk tsk - but won’t name them in public, that’s uncivilized.