PlayerID used in SendServerNotification


I wanna know if someone succeed on send notification to only 1 player, (using the PlayerID node)

I tried with LinkedIDSstring, no success.

Thx in advances

Im able to broadcast a notification to the team but not directly to a player, do you know any way to send msg to only 1 player ?

A number of places require an integer ‘playerID’ (SendServerNotification for one), has anyone worked out how to derive this?

Cast playercontroller -> ShooterPlayerController then GetLinkedPlayerID will return the same number as you see in the admin gui (ShowMyAdminManager) when you execute getplayeridfromsteamid.

If the player is not in a team then the id is the same as his targetting team, if he joins a team they are different.

But passing this number to SendServerNotification or SendServerChatMessage as the playerID don’t seem to work!

As per the OP I can only seem to make these work for the whole team, using the teamID.

Anyone got player targetted versions to work?

Try using the Client server notification instead

Thanks will give it a try!