PlayerController messed up

I’ve somehow messed up my PlayerController, the CameraComponent attached to my Pawn is ignored. Changing the used PlayerController to a brand new one makes all working in the right way.

How to restore the default behaviour in my fault PlayerController class?

Really don’t know. I think i just add a CameraComponent and then removed it

Yes, from now on i surely will not touch that XD Copy/Pasting to a new PlayerController will be ok but i’d like to understand if there is a way to recover from such situation

Comparing the two PlayerControllers i figure out the problem, the Auto Manage Active Camera Target lost it’s tick (became False basically).
Really can’t understand why and how. By the way, it seems to be solved now! Thank you!

What changes have you made in the broken Player Controller?

You didnt need to do that. Anyway, you can just get rid of it and use the new one, it doesnt matter really. If you have anything in it’s construction script and event graph, just copy them to the new player controller.

Can you post screenshots of that player controller? Defaults, Components and Graph together. You can also compare that with the new one and see what you may have changed to break it.

Things happen. :slight_smile: Glad you figured it out!