PlayerController events not firing

Well I made a new playercontroller which i set as the default in my game mode, so I’d think keyboard events should fire from this one…but they don’t.

It’s supposed to create a widget, but I can’t even see the F12 key event firing. I tried other keys and mouse actions and they never fire.

I must have missed some small detail i think. Can anyone help?


put print string behind F12 node, fired or not? also try other keys like “E” or “F” because engine has some macros on F1-F12 keys
if you created your custom game mode where you set this controller, you must also in your levels set that gamemode as default

Other keys also don’t fire, i already tried with print string, but zip, nothing.

I have set my custom game mode in Project settings and even world override (My game mode uses that controller) - all using my controller, so from my understanding it “should” fire, but nothing. Also no mouse events, i tried right mouse click - nothing.

I am sure it’s just something small i overlooked

OK, i just closed UE4 and loaded the project again and now it works. Weird, but sometimes i guess a “reboot” is an easy fix…