Player won't respawn upon destroying actor.

Followed this tutorial which is from the documentation for UE4.

Managed to get the respawn working in a sidescroller template, however, whenever i try to replicate this into the actual project im working on, the character no longer respawns, the screen just seems to face the sky and not reset. The Delay is 2.0 seconds.

As I said, done this in sidescrolled template and worked, did it in my project and didnt work. Done exactly the same thing twice. Any Ideas?


I made this on the level blueprint. When you run into the trigger area (death trigger) pop up appears on left top corner of screen “you are dead.” and you respawn after 1.0 seconds (just reloads the map). Not sure if this helps but it’s really easy to set up and does the trick for me. I’m pretty new with blueprinting so I hope it helped.

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This looks simple enough. Does it happen to look smooth? Also is there anyway that I can substitute the onactorbeginoverlap to all killz volumes / things that would cause the player to die?

I was thinking of making the death be cinematic eventually also, in the sense that your player dies then the camera tracks back to the start point / checkpoint?

HELLO MR WELSHMAN. and thanks for the hand :slight_smile:

are you trying to do this for multiplayer or single player? Do you have a checkpoint or reset place you want them to respawn to?

Currently while building I’m just building in single player,

And currently I’m trying to get it to respawn at the player start point.

Heres my blueprints so far

The one above is in the character blueprint

and this one is the game blueprint

Just an Update.

I managed to fix this.

Turns out I had 2 different game modes, the default one and the one we made for the Mouse, When I deleted the default one and redid the blueprint in the mouse game mode, using the correct nodes, everything worked fine.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: