Player won't collide with DM Chunks

Okay, so I have a Destructable Mesh wall, and a player. The wall has collision and my player’s capsule is set to “Pawn”. If I walk into the wall, the collision is fine, BUT if I add damage, the chunks will have no collision, and I can walk through the wall. (I have accumulate damage and my support depth is set to 1 on the DM, for partial destruction.)

Destructible settings:

Char collision settings:


Thanks in advance, and if you need more images, just ask! :smiley:

Hi SpudNut,

Can you post a screen shot of your character walking into the chunks. Make sure the wall mesh is destroyed/fractured. Then hit the " ` "(tilde) key and bring up the console command window. Enter in PXVis Collision This will enable you to see the physics collision hulls, which will appear purple. You should be able to easily see the hulls of the chunks.

Also are the chunks colliding with everything else, just not the character?

Thank you!


Yea sure, no problem!