Player won´t stop moving while and after Drag&Drop Operation

So… hi…

I know there might be a solution that I can find via Google… but I can’t get an idea of a search text for this problem. So, I ask this one here.

I created a Drag & Drop Operation in my Inventory system, using the OnDragDetected, OnDrop, OnDragCancelled and OnMouseButtonDown Functions.

This works very well and gives no issues.

When my Player Character moves, because I hit W/A/S/D, while I start a Drag operation, the system won’t let the Player Character stop from now on.

The Character simply runs into the last direction I hit, before starting the Drag. And he won’t stop, even if I cancel the Operation.

Here is a short Video of that Problem:
YouTube: Player won´t stop after Drag&Drop
I want to allow the Player to move, while performing Drag & Drop. So, disabling Input for the Character isn’t an option.

This is the movement input inside the PlayerController.:

(the code is not inside the Character, cause there are multiple units controllable by the Controller. It’s working for all Players)

Perhaps someone can help me out here :slight_smile: