Player with Hearing Sense?

Hi everyone,

Does someone know if I can use the pawn sensing component on the player? I want to have an actor that make a noise and the player, when it hears the noise, trigger an event. I tried using pawn sensing on the player and PawnNoiseEmitter on the actor that generates the sound but with no results. The actor make the noise (used a PrintString to test that) but the player is not registering the noise (on hear noise event).
Any ideas or maybe another workaround?

Cheers and btw Merry Christmas to everyone :slight_smile:

What type of event do you want to occur when the noise is heard?

Ideally, depending on the situation, you’d probably want to reverse the situation. Have the player create a noise that triggers a reaction from the Pawn (rather than the Pawn triggering a reaction from the player).

~ Jason

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Hi Jason,

I want the player to trigger a post processing screen when it hears a sound from the AI. So, AI makes a sound, that is heard by the player, that way the post process is activated. I’ve sorted it out for seeing the AI on screen, but I also need to have it when it hears the AI.

I have this implemented on my audio occlusion plugin’s listener component;
But I don’t know yet if I will be able to share it or not, not sure if I’ll have time to create documentation and then share it.
With this plugin a listener doesn’t necessarily have to be a player and speakers can generate hearing events on listener based on the end-resulting volume of speaker’s sound wave.

The idea of the plugin sound cool. Only thing is that I don’t know how the performance will be giving the fact you are raycasting so much.
I kind of managed to figure it out, it works having a pawn sensing component on the player and a pawn noise emitter on a character blueprint that acts as an AI. The only problem is that the player can hear the noise only from the sides and back, if he is facing forward the AI, it doesn’t detect anything.
Any ideas on that?

Just an Update, maybe someone else is interested in this.
It works having an AIPerception Component on the player and an AIPerceptionStimuliSource on the AI with Hearing sense enabled. The sound that AI makes it’s registering fine and everything works as expected.

Cheers everyone.