Player viewport goes black

I’m not sure this is posted in the right section but here goes.

I used the Shooter Game to have a similar main menu and start game buttons and functionality. When I play in editor everything except the multiplayer works, as soon as I join the created game both clients shut down. After some scouring the net it seems that the multiplayer thing is an editor bug. So I try using a packaged version of my game and/or a shortcut I found somewhere on the web to start the game, but when I press Create Game the hud shows up along with the crosshair but the viewport itself is just black. Minimap indicates that the correct map is loaded though.

Any ideas about that black screen thing?

Hi there, highlight the skymap then in details check Sky Distance Threshhold. Make sure that is turned right up. I currently have mine at 1,000,000 to cover my entire map. Hope this helps. Did for me.