Player using another character's camera

Hi, I would like to setup a camera in my actors which is facing the character, so looking at his face. Then when my player is speaking with that actor, I would like to switch his camera to the camera of the other actor, facing him, so the player will see his face while he talks. I setup a camera in my characters called “Talk camera” looking at the face of the character. Then when I press a key I use “Set Active” on that camera, but the result is the view changes, but still follows my main player.

In the first picture you see the “talk camera” setup on the actor we will speak with.

The second picture is the blueprint which when I press F key it searches the target character, verifies its correct and then gets the “Talk Camera” to be used in “Set Active”. The logs are reporting the camera is properly found.

The third picture is the result in game, left is my position in thrid person view, then I press K, and you see the result on the right side, basically the camera view goes inside my player stomach. If I move, the camera moves with me. Instead I would like the view to be locked in facing the target character.

After some tests, seems not possible to use another actor’s camera, so at the end what I did was to setup a “talk camera” on all characters including the player. Then when speaking with the NPC, I set the location of the player’s Talk camera to the location of the NPC Talk camera. Then set as active the player’s Talk camera.