Player Username over head adn sound replacationPLZ HELP!

So I have researched this for a while and can’t seem to find a fix for both of these questions. My first problem is I have a player’s username over their head (Image1 - By the way, GetText event is called on begin play) and the server can see their username and the enemy’s username perfectly, but the client can only see the word “Text” above the enemy’s head, but can see their name above their own head (I know that’s the default text)(Image 2). I have tried changing GetText to multicast, server only, and client and none seem to make it work. My other problem is I want to replicate a sound at a location (gunfire) so you can hear other people’s gunfire in the distance, I cant seem to find a definite answer, just unsolved forum threads. Thanks!


I think you should watch Unreal’s video tutorials. I feel like all of your questions are basic and have been answered in those videos.

I have searched through many videos and threads and haven’t been able to find something lose to an answer (including Epic’s Tutorials). If it is basic, could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!