Player unable to move forward or backward

Hey all… I’m new to UE4 so this may seem super basic. I’ve spent months creating this level/scene which is an archviz project of a kitchen renovation. Anyway, I’m having this issue when I press play to launch the scene, I can turn left and right with the mouse, but when I try to move forward it jumps forward for a second and then stops and starts to move backwards ever so slowly. Then it just keeps doing that. If I try to move forward or backwards it just moves super slowly backwards, but I can still turn left and right with the mouse. I have NO CLUE how to fix this. Anyone have any suggestions?

-which template do you use?
-check your collision :slight_smile:

Template for what? Collision? No idea what you mean. Please specify… Again I’m VERY new to UE4 so don’t assume I know things other than the very basics. I’ll be clear, the only things I know how to do in UE4 is import FBX assets, add lighting, build textures, and unwrap UVs in 3ds Max for lightmapping, beyond that I’m completely clueless. I have much to learn.

-template → e.g the 3rd person template, the fps template… the ones which you can choose when you click on the big yellow button :slight_smile:
-collision → every objects needs a collision so that the character can collide with it. The engine creates it’s own collision when you import a mesh, but this is mostly not very good. Take a look at this video and try the 3rd way:

I am having the same problem. Would be very happy if you could help. I am just stuck at this point.