Player UI. Disable Mous Click Punsh while Show Up UI

Hy guys,

I want to create a Player UI for My Server to Show up. Server Infos and Stuff.

Its working good for now, but is there any Function to turn off the “Mouse Click Punshing” if iam using the Interface ? Because it has several Pages with Buttons to klick. And anytime i click that button. The Player Punshes in the Air :smiley:

Its horrible annoying :confused:

Thx for your Help and greetings

Set Input To UI after Create Widget > Add To ViewPort

How did you make a widget with a button?
The with its own Playpawn it does not work anymore.

So now i have it like that:

Still punshes in the air will use my Mouse.
And my 2nd issue. if i hit the hotkey twice its open a 2nd Widget over it. how to check about it and prevent opening if its allrady opend ?

Thx for your help :slight_smile: Hope we get it togher

Here a some Screenshots:


OK - Roll Back - I found my issue :rolleyes:

I find out that it only changes the Input, if i clicked a button so i just forgot to set the input to UI at the Buttons to. Now its working and my only issue is to check if the wdiget is allardy open and prevent from open twice.

@ CalvinVail, from which BP do you call the widget?



I think of what BP you call the widget, because the story with a playpawn Male and Female does not work any more

Maybe i dont get you right but for me its working fine:

But my next thing is how can i get float from ini to change txt from the GameUserSettings ?

i cant cast to Shooter GameMode:

GameMode can only be be accessed on the server side. Widgets exist only on the client. A buff is a nice way to circumvent this. Please hop in on the thread where we are currently working on loading information from .ini files and passing it to multiple widgets:

You cannot cast to ShooterGameMode inside of a widget. It will fail every time.

One last qustion for this UI thing.

Is it possible to open the Widget/UI with a Item? Lets say i create an item and if i use it its open the widget. Because only new players can use my UI right now because my “Old” players have the old pawn and canot open the Widget.


Yes. You can do it with a weapon by enabling input, or with an item by using the on use function (I believe that’s client side). Do not create the widget on the server.

I think iam to dumb for this, i tryed many other ways but nothing workt.


I useing the Lasso for the first time, but how do i get rid of the animation using the Lasso and how do i get it to work properly ?

Sorry for this many question, i tryed my best and working hours using difrend functions aso :frowning:

greetings and thx for your help

I also tryed this:

Item Equipped > Enable Input

Page Up > Create Widget