Player stuck in air when joining session


I have a very strange bug. At times when I join a server over steam, you spawn at 0,0,0 without a player controller or character. This happens randomly and I can’t wrap my head around why that is… It mostly happens when a second client joins the server. This is never an issue when playing multiple clients in the editor, only with a standalone game. I have many spawn points, none are colliding with anything. The host spawns just fine. So does the 1st client. Client number 2 is always broken somehow.
Any ideas?


Hi there,

have a look into the tutorial from Wes Bunn (multiplayer tutorial from twitch). There is a part where he takes all connected Players. Then he delete the Players characters and spawn them on different Locations and at last he possess the characters. I had no Problem with spawning actors.

Hey. The issue is not spawning characters. I’ve tried spawning them manually and possessing them. But there is no player controller in some cases to posses it…

Sorry for the Long delay. I have much to do on my work. Have you found a solution for this?