Player stops attacking when getting hit one time. I dont know how to reset my combat code

Good evening Guys, Im getting a conflict in my Character. When my character is hit by anything, he stops attacking and I cant seem to reset combat.

I have no idea what I’m doing in regard to code. I feel like if someone can help me get this resolved, I have one other bug to post and I can begin recording so that I can seek funding.



FCT SPAWNER (Floating Combat Text)

I dont know if this error has anything to do with it:

Thank you guys for taking a look at my errors.

I was able to solve one of my errors regarding the FCT:

  • “ADD TO VIEWPORT” doesn’t like 2 “Return Values” plugged into its “Target”
  • Adding a “Return Value” to the Function eliminated 1 of 2 bugs.
  • This issue will remain unresolved because I am still trying to find out how to reset my combat code, which is the purpose of this post.

I got it! all fixed!

I had a special attack variable in there and it wasnt contributing to anything. I just bypassed it. Compare this image to the original post.