player start: what's the point?

yes! but you see, that’s my original question regarding the player start actor. if I have to use the spawn node for spawning the character/pawn that I want, then the player start actor isn’t of much use, I could just use a dummy or any invisible actor to get the coordinates for spawning the character or even set the spawn transform in a variable inside the blueprint and no actors in game. in fact that’s the first thing I did, and it works, but that’s what made me wonder about the player start

since the player start actor always spawns the default pawn, I was wondering if I could make a script to set the default pawn appropriately before the player start runs.

If my game mode has no default pawn set, and I make a simple script inside the game mode blueprint like this: on begin play, set default pawn to mycharacter, it won’t work, won’t spawn any characters, so I assume the player start actor runs before the game mode is able to set the default pawn

Yes you can!

The Livestream spends quality time covering this: How to create your own Player-Start or override the default etc. Just watch the YT clip from the timestamp… As you surmised, Player-Start is really just a placeholder. So you can use notes, meshes or any actor to randomly select a location / transform from an array etc.

I’ve seen some of it, jump searched for something that could help me out, but it went through some multiplayer stuff and, quite frankly, things that right now it’s out of my reach, since I’m an archviz artist trying to make sense of ue4 to behave like I want on my archviz scenes.

however while watching it I saw some node that made me wonder about another node and so I looked for a restart player node and it exists, so I just added it after my set default pawn node and it worked! so it was really helpful after all. also saved this video for future reference, there’s a lot of ideas there which can be useful for different situations

so case closed, thanks a lot man

oh btw, this is what I was using before:

and this is what I’m using now:

both are small codes and do the same, but the difference is that now the player start actor actually serves a purpose of spawning the default player rather than being just a reference for transform coordinates.