Player Start rotation problem

Hi there,

I’m using 4.6.1 and the problem is that when I place a Player Start in the level, sometimes it doesn’t drop me in the right orientation.
Instead it starts me with my character being rotated by 90 degrees from the rotation I gave the Player Start. The weird thing is that it only happens from time to time, not always.

Is this a known issue? Has it been fixed already? If so, what’s the solution. I’d rather not have to update to get something as simple working.

Bump ?

Did you change the orientation of the PlayerStart on the level, or the Pawn in Persona?

After searching a lot, the problem seemed to be unsolved. That’s How I solved the same problem… I hope it helps6cd25af5c12ccc3e2c62a0e19af61532220c47bd.jpeg