Player Start Not generating correctly. Need help with AI and Multiplayer Replication too

Hi, I’m working on a Foosball game and I need help with the AI and the multiplayer. When I start with one player and nothing else you can control both pawns with ease, but when I add two players or two player starts it does not generate properly and it just shows a random view under the field. And as for the AI, I just don’t really know a lot. I thought I had set up the AI to move towards the balls location along the y axis when it was within the nav mesh, but when I ran the debugger and it says that I don’t even have the AI controller possessing the AI. If you choose to help you can join my game dev team, we have 2 2D Artists, 2 3D Artists, 2-3 programmers, 2-3 game designers/story writers, and 2 level designers. If you need pics of the documentation plz lmk

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Screenshots would be nice :slight_smile:

First thing I would do is to check if the AI Controller is assigned to your AI BP

Will do, at work rn :triumph:. But will post them when I get home