player spawn help!?

looking for help understanding player spawns I think I must be missing something (highly probable as I’m completely new to visual scripting and ue4) I just want to reference a player start so I can choose where to spawn on level load but I can’t figure out how to do this. I’ve done some set up for how I would do it in code but I get stuck on how to actual refer to specific player starts. ATM I have set an Integer in my game mode that strores a integer I assign to different doors in hope of identifying (assigning) specific player spawn points but that’s as far as it goes. I’d really appreciate a simple working example of choosing specific spawn locations using player start or some sort of positional reference.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Here’s what I have so far


Welcome! It would be best to handle this in your game mode. Here’s an example:

To get “OnPostLogin” find the “Function” Category and click “Override” and there you can find “OnPostLogin”.
If you don’t like this method, you can get “Get all actors of class” and select Player Start. Then you can sort them by tag.

Wow thankyou I’ll give this a shot once I get back from work.

So I’ve been working on it a bit and I’ve pretty much got it I think except it doesn’t really work :frowning: I’ve got most of it working but it doesn’t actually teleport to the location. Basically I get the actors location then store it in my game instance then when I load the next level and trigger the trigger box it gets the location I stored and teleports me to that point except it doesn’t !? I think maybe I need to make a function to do this then I can call it in the main level blueprint as I think maybe it isn’t working as the 2 levels don’t communicate on load if you know what I mean other than knowing the location from the level instance obv. Can I email you the demo project so you can look it and tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I’ve gone through and created this quick demo of a door:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Wow my sound was cutting out haha GG nvidia experience

Forgot to mention you’ll want to be sure your game mode is set right and the game instance your using is set in project settings.

Thanks your way is way more elegant and it actually works which is a plus really appreciate it :slight_smile:
your game looks great BTW real rocket league vibe.

Thanks mate. I used to play a game called deathball long time ago. One my old db buds is actually the guy who put the ball in the game and started it all :0 good ol Adam.

Figured a physics sports game would be a good way to learn the engine

Sorry to bother you again but I just tried your example and I can’t get the door ID or in my case spawn ID variable from my door to connect to the for loop. What blueprint class did you use for the door? I’ve tried a few with no luck, I’m definitely calling the right actor class but it still wont let me connect the nodes.

here’s the message it spits out sorry I’m brand new to UE4 and haven’t figured much out yet.


The variable has to be in the spawn point. Make sure it’s blueprint is saved and drag from the fir each any type get and see if it’s on the list

Well basicly this is using the location of the player spawn you have in your world. If you want a custom location that you have saved, in the “Spawn transform” use your custom transform that you have loaded.

Thanks got it working It was my player start that was messing it up works great thanks.